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Six-Inch Carbide Cab Combo Workshop

This 6" combination polisher/trim saw/grinder has three stainless steel valves that provide independent water flow to both grinding wheels and the expandable drum. A submersible water pump provides cooling water recirculation. The one-piece cast aluminum tank and base has sealed bearings mounted to a 5/8" stainless steel shaft. The end-polishing disc is ideal for final polish and buff . Trim saw has a removable table top and tank drain plug for ease of oil/sludge removal.

Six-Inch Carbide Cab Combo Workshop

Part # 8300011
Shipping weight: 100 lbs.


Six-Inch Carbide Cab Combo Workshop
Without motor, baseboard, GFCI, switch and polishing supplies.
Part # 8300010
Shipping weight: 80 lbs.


Optional Accessories

Rock Vise Part # 8300015
Warning Symbol Warning: Use of this equipment can expose you to chemicals including nickel and crystalline silica which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to Repeated and/or substantial inhalation can cause serious or fatal respiratory diseases including silicosis. Employ dust controls and protection per OSHA/NIOSH/MSHA